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APC NetBotz Access Control
Proximity card rack access control system

APC Netbotz Rack Access PX Family

Network appliances enabling remote and local access control for your NetShelter SX enclosures.

Protecting IT Assets from Physical Threats
APC Rack Access PX is a browser-accessible appliance that allows control and management of access privileges. The Rack Access PX can be mounted in a 0U or 1U configuration and is designed for APC NetShelter SX enclosures. Access is granted through the use of proximity cards or a Web interface. Administrators can easily configure access control profiles for individual employees, configure scheduled access to equipment for maintenance purposes, and view audit trails. Various alarm notifications are available to indicate a compromised security state such as forced entry and door position.

NetBotz Access Control
APC Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID APC Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID
  • Racks that contain senstive equipment and information
  • Racks in remote or unmanned locations
  • Recording detailed access logs such as who accesses what and when
  • Monitoring the lock and door status of racks to ensure that all racks are secured