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APC Rack Air Distribution
Up to 16.5kW

Air distribution for power dense racks and low pressure areas

APC Rack Air Distribution

Rapidly deployable solutions to quickly address hot spots in existing IT environments.

Rack-based products are specifically integrated in or on individual rack enclosures. Rack mounted air distribution products solve inadequate air distribution problems within a rack enclosure. These fan products work with existing cooling products to either provide cool air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure. These hot spot problem solvers ensure uniform inlet temperatures to the IT equipment.

APC Rack Air Distribution
Rack Air Distribution Unit

APC Rack Air Distribution Unit

Rack Side Air Distribution

APC Rack Side Air Distribution

Roof Fan Tray

APC Roof Fan Tray

Rack Air Removal Unit

APC Rack Air Removal Unit


Features & Benefits:

Dual fans Provides fault tolerance in the event of a fan failure.
Minimizes Air Mixing Delivers cool, conditioned air directly from the raised floor to the inlet of the IT equipment.
Air Filtration Removes dirt and other particulates from the intake air for cleaner supply air.
Fan control switches Users can turn one or both fans on and off depending on the heat load.
Mounting rails Adjustable depth allows the unit to fit APC NetShelter enclosures or other 19" EIA-310-D enclosures.
Fan guards A safety measure that provides protection from the fan opening by covering the inlet.
Total Cost of Ownership
Dual A-B Power Inputs Draws power from the UPS for power protection with dual feeds for redundancy.

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